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Amnesty international

The Tortured Signature

Amnesty is fighting to stop torture by documenting violations and collecting signatures. So, to show the importance of every single signature, we decided to use a very specific signature. The one of Guy Fawkes. 
Fawkes was captured for conspiring against the British king in 1605. And to make him confess, he was tortured for several days before signing his own death sentence. The effect of torture is clearly visible in his signature, and shows why Amnesty’s work is so important. 

  • Client: Amnesty International
  • Creatives: Lasse Vintersbølle, Nicolai Dimon
  • Illustrator: Kristian Funder
  • Animation: Birna Olafdottir
  • Sound Design: Johan Høyer
  • Composer: Jørgen Lauritsen
  • Agency: Hjaltelin Stahl
  • Year: 2019

  • Awards:
  • Epica, Gold, Public Interest, Print, 2019
  • Creative Circle, Bronze, Print, 2020
  • The One Show, Shortlist, Print, 2020